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The Food Safety Plan – HACCP : Clause 2.2 Prerequisite Program

In BRC issue 6, the major change in ‘Food Safety Plan –HACCP’ is addition of prerequisite program. The prerequisite program must be well documented with control measure and monitoring procedure.    Also should be covered during annual review of HACCP plan.

The prerequisite program should be prepared as following:

  1. Premises
  2. Personal
  3. Products

Premises – Premises, Glass & Hard Plastic Control, Water Quality, Pest Control, Cleaning & Sanitising Schedule, Preventive maintenance – Equipment  & Building, Calibration, Positive Air Control (High care area), transport/logistics

Personal:  Personal hygiene, Staff training, Hand washing, Protective clothing, Medical screening,  Staff return to work after illness or holidays, Visitors & contractors

Products: Supplier Selection, Finished product specification, Packaging materials, Traceability, Temperature control, Allergen controls.

An example:

Premises Physical Hazards:

Physical contamination by foreign bodies from fabrication

  • Ongoing maintenance program
  • Good quality fabrication
No foreign bodies Internal Audits Areas repaired as required
Glass & Hard plastic Control Physical Hazards:

Product contaminated by glass/plastic

  • Generally no glass container in production area
  • Glass/plastic register audit
Effective ( intact) guards & covers in place Fort nightly glass & hard plastic audit by QA supervisors Refer to glass breakage procedure -GFF024PR.
Water Quality Biological Hazards:

Introduction of micro-organisms from contaminated (poor quality) water

  • Approved source of water
As per PHLS guidelines

Coliforms 0/250mL

ACC @ 22°C/72h :100/mL

ACC@  37°C/48h : 20/mL

Yearly sampling send for micro analysis Investigate the cause  & analysis the risk. Resample & retest.  If require contact supplier







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