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Dr Foods offers following valuable services:

  • Technical Support & Regulatory Advice: All the technical support to set up and maintain the food and pharmaceutical standards, guideline to registration of new products, preparation of dossiers etc.
  • Process Development and Improvements: New process development, evaluation of existing process, modify and cost analysis of process
  • Implementation and Management of HACCP Based Quality Systems: Documentation of HACCP system, preparation of flow chart
  • Food Ingredient Legislation and Labelling: artwork, QUID calculation, use of value added ingredients, Packaging issues
  • Formulations and New Product Development: New recipe development, functional formulation of foods, enteral and clinical nutrition, nutraceutical product, tablet and granule formulation.
  • Process Analysis and Business Development Strategy

Strong education background and depth knowledge about food and pharmaceutical operations sectors allows us to find unique solutions, commercial value and adding competitive advantages to your business.