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Welcome to Dr FOODS Consultancy

One stop solution for your business………

Dr FOODS is a leading consultancy company providing a complete solution for the food and pharmaceutical industries. We provide utmost solutions to address any issues as and when they occur and to resolve existing issues. Further to develop new business with guaranteed success.

Dr FOODS has a wealth of hands-on experience in the food and pharmaceutical sectors based on a combination of fundamental knowledge of the chemistry of food and nutraceutical & functional properties, intensive market research, trends among the consumers, working knowledge with multinational companies helps in assisting your new or existing businesses to grow. We can assist in the Research and Development, Develop business and marketing strategies, cost effect business operations. We help you from idea generation of new product to launch in the market including planning and design phase of a new endeavor, outsourcing of product and packaging, marketing strategy and training development.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a world leading consultancy firm providing one stop solutions and services built on integrity and creativity. We do this in collaboration with our customers with trust, reliability and integrity.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide cost effective solutions and services in innovative ways to all customers. We continuously aim to better our customer relations based on value for money, customer satisfaction, and timely response.

We are committed to updating our knowledge and remaining at the forefront of developments at all times. With this in–depth knowledge, we can address the issues facing your business to your best advantage.